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Black & White Cat Wall Hanging

This item was inspired by a conversation I overheard betwen my Auntie and my Mum.  My Auntie had seen a textile cat picture which, as someone who has had a number of cats for many years, appealed to her, but it was in browns and she was having her lounge decorated with a black and white theme so it wouldn't be right.

My mind started working, as black and white cats are very common, and before I knew it the idea began to take shape.  The cat  and corner paw prints are made from black and white cotton velvet, while the base fabric is good quality black and white satin.  There is a channel on the back so that it can be hung using a curtain pole or similar.

I gave it to my Auntie as her birthday present, and she loves it!

Chris Brady Wall Hanging

I made this for Chris when he left BU.  It was a very personal project - you have to know him to make sense of what's included - but it was great fun to do as I've always wanted to make a first attempt at a 'crazy quilt'.

The 'cream' fabric was actually pure white 100% cotton originally, but I stained it to soften the look using coffee.  The pictures were printed onto the fabric using an inkjet printer, my first attempt at trying to do so and a bit of a steep learning curve.

Here's a bit more of a close up of some of the detail showing some of the pictures and stitching.  I had to think quite a bit about what decoration I used as it was important to retain a masculine feel to the finished quilt.  Hence it's a rather simplistic item.  When I look back at it now I also see it as very much an 'early years' item, and there's lots that I've learnt since which would mean that I would do to quite differently now.  That's experience for you I guess.

EBC Wall Hanging

I made this wall hanging as part of my City & Guilds Level 3 course.  Apart from needing to make a wall hanging of some kind, our brief was fairly open.  I chose to use the building where I worked as my inspiration, designing the quilt as if I'd been commissioned to make it to hand on one of the walls, although of course it wasn't!  For that reason it is simplistic in design and has a fairly modern look.

The wall hanging is made up of 8 horizontal panels, representing the 8 floors in the building, and is actually approx 1 metre wide by 2 metres tall.  The pictures were again printed onto fabric (which is a medium weight 100% cotton), but this time I printed them using a colour laser printer so they are very good quality.  The embroidered samples are based on the designs and patterns to be found on the drain and manhole covers surrounding the building.  Yes, I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but have a look at what's on the ones you pass by and I think you'll soon spot some of the shapes, and maybe some others too!  Creative people find their inspiration in so many different ways and places, and I do know that non-creative folk sometimes have a problem understanding how the original idea turns into the finished item.

Some wall hanging detail, although it's difficult to show it properly on here.

Some more detail - and yes, that's a picture of me!

And yet more detail.  The red fabric is actually silk, and the colours I've used throughout are part of the official BU marketing palette.